Saturday, June 28, 2014

Proud Daddy

Here's Dad, Disco Cisco. Lookin' Good!

Past Puppies and Families

Here are some pictures of some of the boys and girls who have found new and loving families for them to care for. berners are the best child care workers and only ask for treats for pay.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Off To The Vet

Another busy day with Bernice and her baby Berners with their 2 week checkup and weigh-in. Averaging about 1.4 kilos each. Big boys. The young lady is about 1.2k. Down the beautiful Sea to Sky Highway to West Vancouver and Hollyburn Veterinarian Clinic, on Marine Drive and 14th. 604.922.6011
Dr. Neil Cropper has been handling all our Berners since 1997. I would trust my Berners to no one else. Michelle and Ayuka handle them with tender loving care.
Now we will watch them grow for a few weeks before first shots, micro chip etc.
The weather in Birken is great so we will have many opportunities to bring them outside for some exploration on the front lawns. More photos to follow.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Past Champions From Birken Berners

Here are a few pictures of past boys and champs from BirkenBerners. All happy boys with their families. Our bred Female BirkenBerners Bonny won her CKC Championship

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Eight New Birken Berners Puppies

Well, my loyal followers; June 11, 2014 was a big day at Birkenberners with 8 new puppies 6 Boys and 2 girls, being born to Birkenberners' Bacia's Bernice. Daddy Berner, Disco Cisco of the  Barking Bunch is waiting patiently to meet his new sons and daughters. It was the easiest birth we have ever experienced. Labor began at about noon and by 6pm all were born and hungrily nursing. We have put in a small holding crate to keep all the pups to prevent Mom from accidently laying on any of them. We give her 4 or 5 at a time to clean and feed while the others sleep. We are one big happy family. I plan on keeping one of the boys and the rest will find new families to take care of. Those who have little children or babies would be wise to get a Berner while the children are young. The bonding process is so much easier for children and puppies. As of yet we have 3 or 4 spoken for. This breeding was a successful mixing of good Dutch championship bloodline with our Canadian female. We expect the pups to be very amiable and calm as their Dad and Mom are. We'll keep everybody posted with pictures during the next few weeks.