Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The pups are getting busier and busier as they discover their surroundings. Mom pops in about four times a day now and spent last night out in the snow with her step-brother, Disco Cisco from The Barking Bunch.

We've had about 25cms (10") since last night and the adults love it.
In the morning you go outside and call them and a large mound of newly fallen snow rumbles to life with them bursting out!

The pups get their first shots next week, along with a micro-chip. I'm also going to DNA sample each pup.

This is mostly due to a nefarious deed we call "Litter Stuffing" where a mating has occurred with a female/male who have not successfully passed the hip and elbow x-ray examinations and very possibly, already suffers from the maladies caused by structural joint
displacement, namely;
Dysplasia of the hips and/or elbows, fiberous dysplasia and illnesses related to these issues;
and produces a litter that is credited to a female/male that have passed the exams when displaying for sale, and registering them with AKC/CKC

Documents are also forged to show that a litter came from a dysplasia free female and/or male.
These practices seriously damage the Bernese lineage by passing this disease on to young dogs, and eventually breaks the hearts of those families who purchased such a puppy.

Please check the paperwork of your new family member with the authority that issues the paperwork.

So here they are with a picture of Cisco this morning We'll have more pics next week when they are introduced to the white stuff!


  1. One of the cutest puppies I've seen. You sure took a lot of effort in taking care of it. Congratulations. All the effort is worth it.

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