Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bernese Mountain Dog History And Traits

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It is believed the Berner (Sennenhund DurrBachler) breed is believed to have originated during the time of the Romans, and descended from the Roman Mollasers (Mastiff) and cross bred with the Livestock Guardian dogs of the Alps. (source Wikipedia).

In more recent times it is considered to have origins in Switzerland in the midland area around Berne in a hamlet called Durrbachler near Riggisburg. The dog was considered a farm dog, and used to herd cattle to and from the pastures, and at times pulled carts of milk cans to deliver milk to neighbouring villages and towns. (source Naturehistorische Museum Bern).

The Berner is a wonderful family dog and companion when it has been socialized as a puppy. It is good around children, other dogs and even cats. I witnessed many times Monya playing with the cat for hours and hours. The cat when it was a kitten, used to put her head right inside of Monya's mouth for fun. They are also calm and mild mannered in crowds of people, playful with other dogs, and warm up to friends. They are often tentative around strangers until the owner exhibits acceptance of the stranger.

The Berner is excellent as a watch dog. and they alert the owner to anything that might be going on around the house or property. My dogs spend time out on the deck year round, and alert me to visitors, and even other dogs or animals that might be approaching the property long before a human being would ever notice.

They are mild mannered and affectionate, and need human contact on a regular basis. In terms of training, they need a good deal of attention in sound training principles, but over a fairly short period of time they begin to recognise the the habits and structure of the household and family unit that they belong to.

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