Monday, July 27, 2009

The Dog Whisperer

At age 13 growing up on a farm in Mexico, Cesar Millan realized that he wanted to be the best dog trainer in the world. During this period in his life he was always around a pack of dogs, and he remembers that his Father and Grandfather always taught him never to work against nature. In his book he said "That in every dog, he sees the spirit of his Grandfather"

With over 20 years experience in dog training, he produced a TV special for National Geographic, and the show has been a hit ever since it began. He owns a Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles, and on a daily basis helps numerous dog owners to solve behaviour problems with their dogs with great success.

The philosophy of his training starts with the assertion that a dog because it is an animal, "Always Wants To Go Back To A State Of Balance", or back to a state of normal for the dog.

He feels that modern day society as a tendency of Humanizing dogs, because we want them to be a part of our family. He says "We need Dogs more than they need us". And this tendency to Humanize the dog has forced the dog to live outside this state of balance, and is the root cause of all dog behavioral problems.

The fundamentals of correcting a dog's behavior are Exercise, Discipline, and Affection. By daily Exercise of the dog, coupled with unrelenting daily Discipline, and ending with Affection when the dog behaves properly any dog can be rehabilitated over time. The dog owner must on a daily basis use this window of opportunity to accomplish a Balance in the life of the dog, and the owner.

Cesar often says that he Rehabilitates dogs, and Trains people.

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